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Time to do some NaNo up in here!  Then of course, it will be time for the Gabriel big bang!  I'm excited and can't wait for it to happen!  Here we go!  
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Writing Moods

You know, more often than not, when people ask me what I write, i give them two genres.  Romance and horror.

Whenever I say that, I am referring to my original stories.  Because if I talk about what I write as a fanfiction author, I suppose the answer doesn't change other than to say that I add a very healthy dosage of angst.

But people still don't get the two I list off.  Romance and Horror.  How could those two be any more different?  Why would you write both of those?  Why on earth?

I find it quite simple, if I'm honest.  Romance is kinda like my tried-and-true genre.  I write it, I know how to write it, I'm good at it, it's not -THAT- complicated for me, so I can bang out a decent-sized novel and not think much about it.  I also don't need to dig much into references.  (Sadly.)  It doesn't take a lot of THOUGHT for me to write a romance novel.  Case and point, last year's NaNo.  I really dislike the story.  It's 50,000 words of drivel.  I got behind early, but managed to catch up and finish it.  I don't like anything about it.  Or the heroine for that matter.

It is at this point that the whole writing mood thing becomes true.  I'm sick of writing romance.  I'm either going to write a proper gay romance with two original characters that I actually LIKE or I'm going to write my horror novel I've been talking about for a while now.  I write horror BECAUSE it is the opposite of everything I am writing in romance.  It's a mental break.  Horror makes me think.  It helps me get those ideas that make me cringe and squirm out of my mind.  (Case and point, have you ever imagined what paper cuts against your gums feel like?  Or against your eyes?  Took a lot to get me to stop thinking about it and imagining the pain.)

NaNo is creeping steadily closer.  I'm nervous.  I hope that someday I will be able to write a novel that I am proud of.  One that I want to publish.  For someone who has posted/written literally hundreds of stories, this shouldn't be hard.  It really shouldn't.  And yet, it is the hardest thing in the entire world.

*falls over*  I need to stop being so existential and get back to planning out my two Big Bang stories.  And my NaNo novel.  This is gonna be lots of fun, without a doubt.

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Travel is good for writing

I have no idea what it is, I swear to god, but every single time I travel, I get crazy productive with my writing. Maybe coffee shop theory is striking again.

But yeah. After edging myself to write not one, but two (and maybe a third, cause holy shit this third idea will not leave my brain) Big Bang fics, I am hoping to push a lot of it out these next two weeks while I am living in Phoenix.

45k total by March. Not unheard of for me and we start at the end of November. Or I might just be insane and start each if them on this trip. We will see what happens. I need to make sure I get approved to join first.

Also, holy crap, work is letting me travel somewhere for two weeks. Woo! Sometimes I love my job. Just kidding. I love my job most of the time.

(Also, I was totally THAT person in the security line, rocking three different laptops at the same time. XD)